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Claire V. Hammond

Welcome to the project! This is the first blog post to keep people updated on the project.


The purpose of this project is to develop Rust-based libraries to facilitate the biomechanics community better than what is currently available. Free, open-source options are available today, but come from cobbled-together libraries from research grants that have long since expired. Paid software is available, but with limited features. These paid systems also act to cut the community into pieces based on the camera system that was purchased by the lab. Each motion capture system is happy to live in their walled gardens, stifling growth and development, but at least they are maintaining their market share.

The Project

The project exists to create a coherent set of libraries that facilitate biomechanists and drive the community towards clinical relevance through standardization and robust tooling. Software must be created that is flexible enough to interact with any programming language, be hosted locally or on the web, and, of course, it must be fast and parallelizable.

These requirements are daunting, but a focus on solid development through a strongly-typed language like Rust, can help us achieve these aspirations.


More information will be available in the future regarding contributing to the project. The biggest contribution you can make now is by using the software that is actively being developed and reporting any bugs, issues, or ideas for improvement through the GitHub issues page of the relevant tool.

Thank you so much for your interest in and I hope you will follow along as we tackle our goals.

Best wishes, Claire